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Paris - a perfect holiday.

September 21, 2014

Author: Tanja Playner

Paris is one of the cities that you must visit. Charming streets, alleys, numerous attractions, cozy cafes - this and much more offer us Paris. You want to wake up and enjoy the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, stroll along the streets filled with boutiques, go to the Champs-Elysées and see the Arc de Triomphe live, kiss on the bridge over the Seine and of course enjoy the cultural life of Paris, this romantic world dip.

Paris is not only a fashion capital with wonderful boutiques. Paris is also a city with beautiful architecture and culture. A must for any traveler in Paris is a visit to the Louvre Museum. A look at the Mona Lisa - the most expensive paintings in the world, everyone is thrilled. The Parisian architecture changes. In complex Musee du Louvre is the Carrousel du Louvre - the fantastic imagination of architecture. In addition to numerous boutiques run in alternate events, fashion fairs such as Art Fairs in the Carrousel du Louvre.

Twice a year, interested in art and art collectors, which the new Stars search, can visit the Art Salon "Art Shopping at the Carrousel du Louvre". One finds at the art fair "Art Shopping" emerging and established artists. You have a perfect opportunity also to meet the artists there and talk with him about his art. It is also interesting to invest in art emerging artist if the artist has a great perspective. Original paintings in oil, acrylic, mixed media, photography, sculpture - galleries from several countries show their artists at this show.

Art Salon "Art Shopping" at the Carrousel du Louvre, you can visit between 25-26 October 2014, as on 14 to 15 June 2015 and October 24 to 25 2015

25-26 October 2014
13-14 Juny 2015
24-25 October 2015

Musee du Louvre

Art Salon « Art Shopping »

Carrousel du Louvre

99, rue Rivoli




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