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Jeff Koons Exhibition: A Retrospective

Whitney Museum of American Art: Jeff Koons Exhibition: A Retrospective
Exhibition: June 27-19.October 2014

The Whitney Museum of American Art presents a retrospective of Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons (born 1955 in York, Pennsylvania) is an American artist. Jeff Koons worked as well as objects from the everyday art and advertising, as the latter always takes back to sexual and other cues. His artworks convert because of their ironic effect between kitsch and art.

Jeff Koons had become one of the most traded living artists, his stainless steel sculptures already achieved unit prices of several million dollars. In 1992 he surprised on the fringes of Documenta IX - to which he was not officially invited as an artist - with the work "Puppy", a twelve-meter high "pooch" consisting of 17,000 flowers. The plant was set up in the courtyard of the Royal Palace Arolsen and front of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Jeff Koons has applied since November 12, 2013 with the auction of Balloon Dog (Orange) for 58.4 million dollars in New York auction house Christie's as the most expensive living artist in the world (source: Wikipedia).

The exhibition of Jeff Koons retrospective travels to the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Musee national d'art modern, Paris (November 26 2014-27.April 2015) and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (June 5th-27th September 2015).

Whitney Museum of American Art presents a retrospective of Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons - Whitney Museum of American Art - Jeff Koons retrospective - Guggenheim - Exhibition - Cantre Pompidou - Musee d'art modern national

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