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What makes art an artist known?

What makes art an artist known? Or Why is Pop Art artist Tanja Playner worldwide famous?

10.august 2014

Pop Art famous Pop Art artist Tanja Playner Pop Art artwork "Happy autumn"

Exhibitions in galleries, museums, events, media are important in the artist's career and achieve different results of the attention and awareness.

Level of attention? How to achieve the artists attention?

The Tate Gallery of Modern Art is oner of the most important giant on the art market anf has about 4 million visitors per year. (source: Wikipedia).

Visitor numbers rose in New York Guggenheim house from 450,000 to more than three million (source:

When the new building was completed in 2004, the number of visitors of the MOMA New York in the meantime, with three million per year had nearly doubled (source: .

Saatchi Gallery in London recorded over 600,000 visitors a year (source:

Documenta XIII had from 9.juny to 16.september 2012 about 905.000 visitors (source:

The MUMOK (Vienna) had achieved in year 2013 about 181.000 visitors (source:

And the Alberina (Vienna) increased by 2% compared to previous year and had accieved 2013 year about 613.000 visitors. (Queelle:
Many artists have achieved maximum attention by shocking effects, partially repulsive, terrifying and perverse actions. So many artists be known and come out on top of the art market. This raises the question: Is it possible to be successful today with BEAUTIFUL ästethischer art. Can we achieve enough attention with BEAUTIFUL art?

The answer is "YES".

Pop Art artist Tanja Playner has achieved 421,0 00 readers in a few months (as of August 5, 2014) in her article „Moderne Kunst Ausstellung von Tanja Playner“ on the press-portal Popularity of the Pop Art artist growing faster than mushrooms after the rain in the forest. On her Homepagen the artist has a total of 525,000 visitors a month (July 2014).
This high number of prospective, such as exhibitions in museums and galleries show a very high degree of Image and are good indicators of perception of Pop Art by Tanja Playner.

The two most important questions in the life of an artist:
1. Will he shank it to produce new popular art?
2. Will he excited with his art enough attention?

Pop Art artist Tanja Playner has done it with her colorful artworks to make people pay attention to worldwide. With her statement "My art is not shocked - it makes people happy around the world," the artist conquering the world.

Art makes noble, brings by the look of the picture a special experience, the feeling of exclusivity and is thus a key component of prestige or lifestyle. Tanja Playner immerses the viewer into the world of happiness and joy and experience the happy world of Pop Art by Tanja Playner.

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