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Princess Charlene of Monaco - stress in pregnancy


Princess Charlene of Monaco - stress in pregnancy

Author Tanya Playner

August 18, 2014

Princess of Monaco Charlene has already survived their first trimester of pregnancy. What `s for a woman more beautiful than having offspring Expect us to relax?

Well, unfortunately, the other non-official members of the Grimaldi family care for the pregnancy stress. Nicole Coste - the illegitimate son of the mother Alexandre Eric Stephane is surprisingly exposures to the Prince Albert II However, Nicole Coste hoping for a happy Patchwork family life.

The question is whether Charlene also has this setting? Is known, the married Charlene and Albert (2011) is no longer Nicole Coste on the invitation list for the Red Cross Ball in Monaco. This year presented Charlene on the ball not only themselves, but also her nice round tummy.
Princess Charlene - Prince Albert - Monaco - Red Cross Ball - Nicole Coste

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