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APCEO meets Pop Art art by Tanja Playner

APCEO meets Pop Art art by Tanja Playner
30.august 2014

Author: Tanja Playner

One of the best known Pop Art artists Tanja Playner is with her colorful ideas popular worldwide. Her art works are easy to understand for everyone. With their colorful artwork the artist manages international art fairs and galleries to be invited. Enthusiastic about their Pop Art are not only art lovers and collectors, but also the economic elite.

popular Pop Art artist Tanja Playner Pop Art artwork "Flower of love" from Tanja Playner

"I see my art as a form of communication that every person understand in the world. The leaders of the Asia-Pacific CEO Association have also recognized this and invited me "- says Pop Art artist Tanja Playner.

Due to the high popularity of the artist Tanja Playner, she received an invitation from the Director of Asia-Pacific CEO Association in China Fiona Qi, Xian Hui (Vice Governor of Gansu Provincial Government of China) and Zheng Xiongwei (Global Executive Chairmon APCEO) to "The 3rd International Culture Industry Summit "and" The 7th International Culture Expo ". Both events are the most important events of international cooperation and promotion of industry in the global cultural industry, and were called by the APCEO to live. "The 3rd International Culture Industry Summit" will be opened jointly by the Chinese President, Leaders of Chinese ministries, international organizations, state leaders of the countries of the Silk Road and of the Gansu province. On the "International Culture Industry Summit" are head of UNESCO and other international organizations; State leaders, government officials of the cultural departments, ambassadors and cultural adviser to the countries of the Silk Road; Executives and CEOs of the companies in the Fortune Global 500 Companies, Forbes 2000 Companies, and other listed companies from around the world. Furthermore, the world's leading companies in the cultural industries; Director of the associated global organizations in the cultural industry as renowned scientists in the cultural and economic fields to meet at.
The Asia-Pacific CEO Association is one of the most important international organization for economic cooperation.
APCEO has his co-seats or executive offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and France.

APCEO - Asia-Pacific CEO Association - Pop Art - Tanja Playner - popular pop art artist - famous pop art artist

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