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Book presentation "Art of Tanja Playner - Feedback

Book presentation "Art of Tanja Playner - Feedback from 5 Continents"

Author: Tanja Playner

September 20, 2014

Vienna: PAKS Gallery presents the book "Art of Tanja Playner - Feedback from 5 Continents" by Tanja Playner - one of the most famous pop art artists in Europe.

The colorful motifs of the artist Tanja Playner inspire people around the world. The book is of interest to many art collectors and art lovers who are interested in innovations in the art world. In her book "Art of Tanja Playner. Feedback from 5 Continents "says the artist about the art market, her position in the art market, what critics from around the world say about her Pop Art art and how she achieved to be so well known worldwide.

The artist already has more than 42,000 fans on Twitter and millions of readers on her online press articles. The artist Tanja Playner shows how to make known the art of an artist, why she is famous worldwide. One can also see numerous works of art by the artist.

"I wanted the people on 5 continents know my colorful Pop Art works and say WOW" - says Tanja Playner in her book.

Well, she succeeded. Today she is represented by galleries on global art fairs, her Pop Art works will be shown in October at the Museum du Louvre and in MOA Art Museum Miami.

For 2015, admires the list of her exhibitions: Artexpo New York 2015, Art Hampton 2015, Art Monaco 2015 Art Los Angeles 2015 Art San Diego in 2015, as representative during Art Basel Miami week in 2015 at the Art Spectrum Miami.

With her statement "My art not shocked - she makes human worldwide happy," provoked the artist Tanja Playner intelligently and thus conquered the whole world.

The book has a limited edition of 5,000 copies and is numbered and hand signed by the artist.

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picture credit: Tanja Playner

Art of Tanja Playner. Feedback from 5 Continents Buch von Pop Art Künstlerin Tanja Playner

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